About ATM Solutions

Who we are

Bringing low cost ATMs to any location

Before 2000, major banks serviced the South African ATM market. But we knew that independent ATMs meant more reach, lower fees and more power to retailers. At the same time assisting banks to grow their footprint. From our first ATM installed in March 2000, at ATM Solutions we now operate over 5000 ATMs across Africa in a wide range of industries and locations, including previously under-serviced markets.

We can install our ATMs almost anywhere thanks to wireless and solar technology. And, because we run one of the largest third-party transaction switches in Africa, we can connect to a wide range of banking partners and card associations.

What we do

A revenue stream you don’t have to think about

ATMs attract customers to your business, and increased foot traffic means more money for you. We install and manage independent ATMs anywhere – be it a small corner store, a large shopping centre, a petrol station forecourt or a hospital.

As a retailer, you’ll get all the benefits of an ATM on your premises: you’ll earn money from ATM transactions, and you’ll save on cash deposit fees. Our wide reach also means you can choose from various major bank brands, and you can cash your ATM yourself. Then leave the rest to us, including installing it, running it, giving you technical support, spare parts, wireless communication and bank branded signage – all at no cost to you.

Our products and services

Let’s say you own a small spaza shop in a township. Or, you’re the landlord of a shopping...

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Our journey

Over 15 years of experience in installing and managing independent ATMs means we know the industry like no...

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Our people

ATM Solutions’ executive committee brings together a wealth of diverse business expertise and formal qualifications.

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Customer support

We want to make your ATM a success. Over 15 years of experience means that delivering excellent service...

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Global presence

Paycorp started with one simple idea in South Africa – taking ATMs closer to where people live and...

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At Paycorp, doing good is as much a part of our lives as being successful. Because of this...

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