Who we are

In 1998, South African entrepreneurs Steven Kark and Rowan Swartz read about how a few gutsy American entrepreneurs had launched low cost independent ATMs across the States.

Just one year later, ATM Solutions had installed their first independent ATM in South Africa – and the rest is history. Eighteen years on, Paycorp is today a leading provider of payment solutions in developing economies. And while entrepreneurship is still in our blood, our years of experience make us a highly credible and trusted brand in the payments industry.

Operating in seventeen countries and employing over 500 people, the spirit of our company is all about having fun, making money and doing good. Every business decision, from implementing processes to hiring people to pioneering new products, uses these core principles. But it’s not just all about us. We also want our business to add value to our clients, partners and the wider community. So our purpose is to connect people with their money and businesses with their customers.

Our vision

Innovation, excellence and integrity

Our vision is to be a leading provider of payment solutions in developing economies. How will we do this? By using the powerful resources we already have, and building on these by acquiring and enhancing suitable businesses, technologies and products. We believe in innovation, personal development, accountability, fun, service excellence, transparency, integrity and respect.

Our values

Shaping our unique culture

We value innovation to creatively explore new options by monitoring trends and responding to change in ways that make sense for our business. We believe in personal development and equal opportunity for all. We are accountable and take responsibility for meeting our commitments and focus on finding solutions and achieving results. Having fun is an important ingredient of life and we celebrate our achievements and enjoy our accomplishments. We take our jobs seriously but try not take ourselves too seriously. Providing outstanding service to our internal and external counterparties and customers differentiates us.  We do the right thing even in the face of extreme discomfort. We strive for alignment in what we say and do with open and honest communication.